A great future for our cities and communities

Cities and communities have a great future. Thinking different about our urban environment is necessary to make this great future come true.

The world has become more complex and interconnected. The economic and social landscape has changed radically and our cultural differences are in flux. Cities cannot keep up with these fast changes within our society. For the past 20 years the response in urban development has been lagging behind. Social, financial, and environmental networks on the one hand and physical networks on the other hand are growing further apart. Disconnected, they are causing fractures in all the vital systems we rely on. Time is not on our side.


Thinking in connections

Imagine capturing and combining the power of all networks that connect our society, in nature, information, infrastructure, and communities. Imagine an urban environment as a dynamic organism, managing its own systems, networks and metabolism. Imagine enabling self-organizing communities, driven by quality of life, health, prosperity and connectivity, with its people contributing and benefitting.


Activating change

No one person or organization can bring this transformation about. We need an alliance of thinkers and do-ers across the landscape of urban renewal. A group that brings critical insight and action programs that make a sustainable and resilient transformation a reality. This is Urban Renaissance. A strong partner network across disciplines that works with all layers of society, to accelerate, improve, support, and learn. To succeed in our desire for healthy, beautiful, and thriving cities.