Sustainable Schiebroek-Zuid is a vision for redevelopment of a post-war social housing area in Rotterdam. It provides a road map for converting the neighborhood into a self sufficient, resilient, and sustainable area. The neighborhood achieves autonomy beyond energy and water, and includes food, waste, economic measures, social programs, and employment opportunities.

The plan combines socio-economic programs with proven technologies to create a closed loop urban metabolism. It focuses on existing social and physical structures rather than applying a clean-slate approach.


Re-development of post-war social housing into a resilient and autonomous community.


Except drew on its integrated sustainability approach to bring together around 25 sustainability experts, urban designers, architects, ecologists and social workers to develop an exemplary approach to sustainable area renovation.

The plan for the social housing neighborhood in the north of Rotterdam allows it to become autonomous and encourages social programs for various neighborhood target groups and stimulate community solidarity. The plan renovates most of the neighborhood’s existing buildings, reducing the social disruption and environmental impact typically caused by neighborhood redevelopment.

The plan combines the benefits of urban agriculture, social programs, edible landscapes, cositing, ecological services, and business support.

Edible landscaping throughout the neighborhood converts previously empty lawns into productive ecological, social, and energy resources while connecting residents to their natural surrounding.

Local agriculture is the biological engine that powers many aspects of the plan. It drives local energy generation, nutrition, and local economic activities in Schiebroek-Zuid. The area can supply all of its required electricity and heat, using a combination of biogas-fueled power plants, solar installation, and heat capture from rooftop greenhouses.

Local sources provide all of the energy and water and the majority of wastes are handled on site.

Urban renaissance Schiebroek Zuid